asmr by luisa

ASMR is a combination of audible and visual triggers to help people relax, unwind and sleep.

I'd love for you to join me and experience: beautiful close-up visual triggers, mic brushing, ear eating, ear licking, ear massage, soft singing, tapping, personal attention and more.

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get to know me

Basically, I'm a dreamer.

I'm constantly pursuing the beauty of life in many ways. That can be having good food, working like there's no tomorrow to bring an idea from sketch to reality, looking for different things I can do or simply enjoying time with family and friends.

I'm from Portugal and often talk about two different versions of myself. During the day, I work in communication & marketing. At night, I am free to release my creativity on ASMR.

Yes, I have a "double life". And I love it.

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